HOME GOODS STORE [Photo Shoot]: Kids & Adults will be pretending they are a family doing holiday things like making holiday....
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WELL KNOWN HAIR COLOR BRAND SHOOT - WOMEN [Photo Shoot]: Storyline: Hair Color Story.
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UGC (Video) [Promo, Web/Internet]:
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WEBMD 375882.08: ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE [Industrial]: This is a one day shoot during the 1st or 2nd week of June. Travel and Hotel stay will be........
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GREAT KILLS 2 (14 Roles) [Episodic]: In Season 1 - three callus documentary filmmakers follow Thomas Lynch, a lonely small time hit man....
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In Studio Commercial Bakery shoot [Commercial, Web/Internet]: We will be photographing you as a Commercial pastry chef working in a bakery. You'll be....
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IMMEDIS [Industrial]: Shoot will be in New Haven. $50 to cover travel expenses. If coming from NYC on Metro North, you....
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studio photoshoot [Commercial]: Dress up in a bakery uniform for multiple shots. The images will go on their website.
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Corporate Video Shoot [Industrial]: You will be playing the role of a New Associate in a financial services firm. Proficiency with a....
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SHOPIFY [Voice Over]: Must have Source Connect.
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SHOPIFY FACES [Internet Project]: This will be a 3 day stop motion photo shoot, requiring the talent to be able to stand still a lot.
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OLMO (AA) [Feature Film]: Storyline: This story takes place in 1980's New Jersey. A Mexican American boy on the cusp of....
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JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (2ND NATIONAL TOUR 23/24) [Stage/Theater]: Specifically looking for outstanding singers who have an authentic feel, understanding &....
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INCIDENT AT OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP (Triple Role) [Stage/Theater]: All of the actors need to be very funny and believably "old school" Irish Catholic.....
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POLITICAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE SPOT (STATE OF NEW JERSEY) (ROLE #3 RE-RELEASE) [Commercial]: This is a :30 Republican Spot for New Jersey State Senatorial Candidate, John Bramnick (not Federal)
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BIRTH/REBIRTH (a modern reimagining of the Frankenstein myth) - ADDITIONAL ROLES
Posted on: 07/06/22
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50-70 / Female / Hispanic
Nurturing abuela-type. Lives across the hall from CELIE and her daughter LILA, cares for the little girl whenever CELIE is in a bind. Fixture of the building, beloved, a bit of a busybody. She does not own a cell phone. She does not know how to use email. She does not judge you if you don’t go to Mass. She is still praying for you. SUPPORTING. 4 scenes. 2 Shoot Days. Must be a NY Local Hire.

47-55 / Male / Caucasian
EMILY’s husband. Westchester transplant. Met his younger wife online and feels very lucky to have her. Confident. Talkative. Will mansplain about any subject- even if his knowledge on it is limited. Will quickly and earnestly apologize when this is pointed out to him. SUPPORTING. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day. Must be a NY Local Hire.

40-55 / Male / Caucasian
Regular at the dive bar. Large build, but not physically imposing. A little self-conscious about his appearance with women. Not so quick on his feet. No nudity but there will be a simulated sexual encounter. 7 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

50-60 / Female / Caucasian
Same job, same hairstyle for 30 years. Compassionate nature worn down by years working within a bureaucracy. 10 lines. 1 scene. 1 Shoot Day.

28-32 / Male / Asian
Immaculate board scores, nervous around patients. 5 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

30-45 / Female / All Ethnicities
Over-enunciates when speaking to people who have accents. 6 Lines. 1 scene. 1 Shoot Day.

50-65 / Male / All Ethnicities
Warm, paternalistic. Believes his reassuring presence is the best medicine for panicky pregnant women. 10 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

40-55 / Male / All Ethnicities
Little patience for patients. 3 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

25-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
A little bit new to her role. Very competent, but still learning the ropes/finding her confidence. 5 lines. 3 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

21-28 / Male / African-American/African
Came straight into this job from high school. Wanted to work in a hospital to help take care of sick people, very compassionate. 4 lines. 1 scene. 1 Shoot Day.

25-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Take charge type. Years in the job. Calming, commanding presence. PARAMEDIC/EMT experience a PLUS. 10 lines. 2 scenes. 1-2 Shoot Days.

25-45 / Male / All Ethnicities
Must have a Driver’s License and be comfortable driving. PARAMEDIC/EMT experience a PLUS. 1 line. 1 scene. 1-2 Shoot Days.

25-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
Delicate, feminine. She is an optimist, trying to hang on to a sense of meaning in a difficult moment with her wife and unborn child. 7 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Days.

35-40 / Female / All Ethnicities
Stoic, supportive, resigned. She is solely focused on how to make her partner feel her presence, she is stuffing down her own feelings. 1 line, 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

25-35 / Female / Caucasian
Warm, excitable, loves her job. Has a personal stake in every pregnancy that comes across her table. 11 lines. 2 scenes. 1 Shoot Day.

25-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
Bronx-born. Nervous, this is her first pregnancy, and her regular doctor was not available. 4 lines. 1 scene. 1 Shoot Day.

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