HOME GOODS STORE [Photo Shoot]: Kids & Adults will be pretending they are a family doing holiday things like making holiday....
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WELL KNOWN HAIR COLOR BRAND SHOOT - WOMEN [Photo Shoot]: Storyline: Hair Color Story.
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UGC (Video) [Promo, Web/Internet]:
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WEBMD 375882.08: ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE [Industrial]: This is a one day shoot during the 1st or 2nd week of June. Travel and Hotel stay will be........
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GREAT KILLS 2 (14 Roles) [Episodic]: In Season 1 - three callus documentary filmmakers follow Thomas Lynch, a lonely small time hit man....
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In Studio Commercial Bakery shoot [Commercial, Web/Internet]: We will be photographing you as a Commercial pastry chef working in a bakery. You'll be....
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IMMEDIS [Industrial]: Shoot will be in New Haven. $50 to cover travel expenses. If coming from NYC on Metro North, you....
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studio photoshoot [Commercial]: Dress up in a bakery uniform for multiple shots. The images will go on their website.
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Corporate Video Shoot [Industrial]: You will be playing the role of a New Associate in a financial services firm. Proficiency with a....
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SHOPIFY [Voice Over]: Must have Source Connect.
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SHOPIFY FACES [Internet Project]: This will be a 3 day stop motion photo shoot, requiring the talent to be able to stand still a lot.
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OLMO (AA) [Feature Film]: Storyline: This story takes place in 1980's New Jersey. A Mexican American boy on the cusp of....
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JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (2ND NATIONAL TOUR 23/24) [Stage/Theater]: Specifically looking for outstanding singers who have an authentic feel, understanding &....
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INCIDENT AT OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP (Triple Role) [Stage/Theater]: All of the actors need to be very funny and believably "old school" Irish Catholic.....
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POLITICAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE SPOT (STATE OF NEW JERSEY) (ROLE #3 RE-RELEASE) [Commercial]: This is a :30 Republican Spot for New Jersey State Senatorial Candidate, John Bramnick (not Federal)
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Posted on: 07/11/22
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23-28 / Male / All Ethnicities
Alex is part of a devout religious group who comes to rent the house for a night or two. Alex just wants to get rid of his lactose intolerance to the point that he’s even willing to try über-praying with Alice & Anne. (day player)

24-28 / Female / All Ethnicities
Sean’s longtime girlfriend and Turner’s friend. She's loving, intelligent, sympathetic, caring to both Sean and Turner. (day player)

55-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
She's a small town librarian, loves books, movies, and loves recommending them to people. Cares deeply for the people that come into the library, but especially for those that come regularly, like Turner. (Day Player)

23-28 / Male / All Ethnicities
Turner’s ex college basketball teammate. He's CJ’s partner in aggressive, loud immaturity. Actor should be able to play some basketball. (Day Player)

40-55 / Female / All Ethnicities
Julianne is a main supporting, good actor in Kyle’s low budget movie. She's the more experienced actor in the group and the only adult on the set. (Day Player)

60-70 / Male / All Ethnicities
Butch is a small town business owner, blue collar, knows his customers cares about them. (Day Player)

23-28 / Male / All Ethnicities
Turner’s ex college basketball teammate. A good friend, rode the bench as hype man. Should be able to play some basketball ! (Day Player)

24-28 / Male / All Ethnicities
Turner’s ex college basketball teammate. Laid back and non-confrontational. Should be able to play basketball! (Day Player)

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