DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS - JOHN W. ENGEMAN [Stage/Theater]: The Engeman Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal opportunity will be extended to all....
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POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN (Background) [Episodic]: Storyline: Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that will chronicle the....
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CUSTOM INK [Voice Over]: Will be a remote recording talent must have home studio with Source Connect or be willing to get it.
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MEMO INC. [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the near future, 2035, we follow Nadia, a former up and coming novelist who now....
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FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA - SEASON 4 [Mini Series]: Exact schedule TBD but will work between the window of 10/17-12/23 on one of the 20 episodes.....
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STRESS POSITIONS (Role of Fashion Photographer) [Feature Film]: Storyline: When the exotic nephew of a dissipated, gay divorcee comes to live with his uncle after....
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OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS [TV, Web/Internet]: Storyline: A Latinx Coming-of-Age Dramedy based on a true story
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OUI THERAPEUTICS SUICIDE APP [Web/Internet]: This is for the Suicide App of Oui Therapeutics. These are Patient case Studies.
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Last Man Standing [Short Film]: Union or Non- Union talent with modified agreement.
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DON'T STOP MOVING (New Roles) [Short Film]: Storyline: DON’T STOP MOVING is a short film by artist and filmmaker Catharine Czudej. It is....
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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT [Industrial]: Storyline: This is an unbranded campaign to open up the conversations between the medical....
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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF IN YIDDISH 2022 [Stage/Theater]: Note #1: We are seeking performers with dance training and excellent acting skills, strong vocal....
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A CHRISTMAS CAROL [Stage/Theater]: Storyline: This production should be a joyous celebration of community, humanity, and generosity.....
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Posted on: 08/18/22
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24-29 / Male / Caucasian
LEAD. Intense yet vulnerable. Can snap at any moment, uses breathing exercises to ward off panic attacks. Grew up in NYC: street smart, grew up fast. This is the day he confronts his abuser, Father Tom. Intelligent, observant, sensitive. *SHOOTS 4-5 DAYS.

67-69 / Female / Caucasian
A true believer in the Church. A single mother, was a model in her youth. Loves her son, but is oblivious— or rather chose to be blind— to the trauma he has suffered. When finally confronted with it, she is unable to deal with it. *SHOOTS 1 DAY

57-65 / Male / Caucasian
This man is either a pervert or ornithologist: takes pictures of kids or birds at a playground... Sean is triggered by him, and confronts him. Has a great scene.

40-49 / Other, Female, Male / African-American/African, Other
An ICU nurse. Overworked and underpaid, kind and professional. The only person who notices what Sean is dealing with, and shows him a tender moment of compassion. *SHOOTS 1 DAY

60-79 / Male / Caucasian
Sean’s abuser. A troubled man. Clergy. Is in a coma throughout the entire scene. Thin, wise-looking, thinning hairline preferred. *SHOOTS 1 DAY

18-25 / Female / Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic
A young woman from Sean’s past. Affluent, intelligent but sheltered. Is awakened in the middle of the night to find Sean frightened, wandering the halls of her family’s cabin. All types. *SHOOTS 1 DAY.

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