DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS - JOHN W. ENGEMAN [Stage/Theater]: The Engeman Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal opportunity will be extended to all....
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POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN (Background) [Episodic]: Storyline: Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that will chronicle the....
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CUSTOM INK [Voice Over]: Will be a remote recording talent must have home studio with Source Connect or be willing to get it.
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MEMO INC. [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the near future, 2035, we follow Nadia, a former up and coming novelist who now....
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FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA - SEASON 4 [Mini Series]: Exact schedule TBD but will work between the window of 10/17-12/23 on one of the 20 episodes.....
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STRESS POSITIONS (Role of Fashion Photographer) [Feature Film]: Storyline: When the exotic nephew of a dissipated, gay divorcee comes to live with his uncle after....
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OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS [TV, Web/Internet]: Storyline: A Latinx Coming-of-Age Dramedy based on a true story
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OUI THERAPEUTICS SUICIDE APP [Web/Internet]: This is for the Suicide App of Oui Therapeutics. These are Patient case Studies.
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Last Man Standing [Short Film]: Union or Non- Union talent with modified agreement.
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DON'T STOP MOVING (New Roles) [Short Film]: Storyline: DON’T STOP MOVING is a short film by artist and filmmaker Catharine Czudej. It is....
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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT [Industrial]: Storyline: This is an unbranded campaign to open up the conversations between the medical....
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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF IN YIDDISH 2022 [Stage/Theater]: Note #1: We are seeking performers with dance training and excellent acting skills, strong vocal....
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A CHRISTMAS CAROL [Stage/Theater]: Storyline: This production should be a joyous celebration of community, humanity, and generosity.....
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Posted on: 08/26/22
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18-100 / Female / African-American/African
(Adult voice actor to read 10-13) Our hero is 11, and shy sometimes, but bursts with energy if she trusts you. However, she doesn’t trust a lot of people right now. Grounded, but growing Brooklynite.

18-100 / Male / African-American/African
(Adult voice actor to read 30s-60s) Voice actor will record two roles - Sir Elijah is the last surviving knight of Camelot. Gruff, stern, kind and gentle. Weary from thousands of years of travel. RP British, though he works hard to modernize his identity when public and can Americanize his accent when needed.
James Young is Tisha and Michael’s father is nerdy with a slightly high-pitched voice, but he also played football, so he sometimes speaks louder than he means to. Standard American (Brooklynite).

18-100 / Male / African-American/African
(Adult voice actor to read 13 -70s) Voice Actor will record two roles - For the Red King – RP British accent, deep voice, growls, an angry version of Wizards or Heroes from typical fantasy films. Imagine if Gandalf the Wizard was SCARY.
Michael Young is Tisha’s protective if sometimes mean older brother. Sarcastic, playful, wannabe comedian. Voice may be starting to crack. Standard American (Brooklynite)

18-100 / Female / African-American/African, Hispanic
(Adult voice actor to read 10-40s) Voice Actor will record two roles - Aniya Young is Tisha and Michael’s mother who has a soft, kind, and authoritative voice. She tries not to shout and believes in the Artist’s Way. This is a very busy, multitasking Mom who works hard to keep her family afloat and stays warm despite her various obstacles. Maribel is the obnoxious, rival of Tisha, but is secretly envious of her, a little monotone and matter-of-fact in voice compared to Tisha.

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