DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS - JOHN W. ENGEMAN [Stage/Theater]: The Engeman Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal opportunity will be extended to all....
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POWER BOOK III: RAISING KANAN (Background) [Episodic]: Storyline: Power Book III: Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that will chronicle the....
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CUSTOM INK [Voice Over]: Will be a remote recording talent must have home studio with Source Connect or be willing to get it.
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MEMO INC. [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the near future, 2035, we follow Nadia, a former up and coming novelist who now....
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FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA - SEASON 4 [Mini Series]: Exact schedule TBD but will work between the window of 10/17-12/23 on one of the 20 episodes.....
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STRESS POSITIONS (Role of Fashion Photographer) [Feature Film]: Storyline: When the exotic nephew of a dissipated, gay divorcee comes to live with his uncle after....
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OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS [TV, Web/Internet]: Storyline: A Latinx Coming-of-Age Dramedy based on a true story
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OUI THERAPEUTICS SUICIDE APP [Web/Internet]: This is for the Suicide App of Oui Therapeutics. These are Patient case Studies.
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Last Man Standing [Short Film]: Union or Non- Union talent with modified agreement.
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DON'T STOP MOVING (New Roles) [Short Film]: Storyline: DON’T STOP MOVING is a short film by artist and filmmaker Catharine Czudej. It is....
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WEIGHT MANAGEMENT [Industrial]: Storyline: This is an unbranded campaign to open up the conversations between the medical....
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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF IN YIDDISH 2022 [Stage/Theater]: Note #1: We are seeking performers with dance training and excellent acting skills, strong vocal....
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A CHRISTMAS CAROL [Stage/Theater]: Storyline: This production should be a joyous celebration of community, humanity, and generosity.....
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Posted on: 08/29/22
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30-34 / Male / All Ethnicities
Lara’s boyfriend of ten years. Warm, kind, the solid guy you can always count on to help you move. As he feels best when he’s helping people, Jack tends to be attracted to women whose lives are a mess because they make him feel useful. He genuinely looks for the good in everyone and wants them to be happy. What Jack wants more than anything is a normal, good life. He’s smart and stable. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

30-34 / Female / All Ethnicities
Even though she’s been in a committed relationship with Jack for ten years, Lara is used to getting a lot of male attention…which she mostly likes. She can be loving and kind, also selfish and messy (but can’t we all). Lara is charismatic and fun, and draws people to her because she’s the life of the party. She fears being alone, and doesn’t know what she wants, and because she’s afraid, she wants to stay lost most of the time. She isn’t really in touch with her body – clothes slump off of her from losing weight from stress. Lara is a little oblivious to people’s feelings – including her own. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

30-35 / Male / All Ethnicities
Robin is a brainy bad-boy with a heart longing for connection. He’s smart, attractive, and appealing. People want him to like them. He knows how to get under other people’s skin, and sometimes he does it for fun. The other people aren’t always in on the joke, but his charisma smooths it all over. He has made a career for himself bartending for the 1%. He can’t look away from the state of the world…it consumes him. His high-powered intelligence gives him a lot of insight and smart theories on what’s happening in the world, but his intense fear of heartbreak drives him to expect the worst – always, with everything. Kind of in love with Lara. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

30-34 / Female / All Ethnicities
Elle is grounded, genuine, and warm. She’s always there for all of her friends, but rarely asks for support from them for herself. She’s the kind of person that strangers find themselves telling their life stories to, and then realize later that they never really learned much about her at all. She also has a playful, witty, sharp sense of humor that lurks just beneath the surface. Elle has low expectations of who would want to be with her, so she settles. Settling has made her miserable, though, and she wants to see if there could be something better out there. She has such a warmth and sparkle in her smile that you want to tell jokes all night just to hear her laugh. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

30-34 / Male / All Ethnicities
In a relationship with Atlas – his boyfriend who happens to be older – who he brings on the group ski trip. Ben is sweet, energetic, and open. He loves his friends – the group and being a part of it are very important to him. There’s something about his energy that feels like everyone’s little brother. He knows how to lift the mood of the room with a silly joke or the right playlist. He downplays his emotional intelligence, though he’s often the one in the room who is seeing the most about what’s going on. He worries sometimes that if he stops being “fun Ben,” his friends will lose interest. One-on-one, he’s more willing to show his other sides. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

40-49 / Male / All Ethnicities
Open to all ethnicities, but leaning towards actors of color. Atlas is Ben’s boyfriend and the “outsider” in the group, as he didn’t go to college with them and he’s a little older. Creator of a very successful dating app, but doesn’t talk about it unless asked. Atlas is steady, wise and introspective – a bit of a mystery. He’s happy to hang back – although he can hang, for the most part – and take it all in until he knows the landscape. He has well-formed opinions, but he doesn’t need to be right. He wants to settle down, but he’s also had his heart broken enough to be a little hesitant throwing himself headlong into vulnerability. Time and experience have changed his relationship to the future and particularly the future of his relationship with Ben – made him more practical – but he’s still a romantic at heart. Snowboarding or skiing experience not essential, but a huge plus.

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