FOOD BRAND LIFESTYLE SHOOT [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: Food Brand showing people cooking and enjoying their food.
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Branded Content for Enfamil [Web/Internet]:
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MNP DISEASE AWARENESS (VOICE OVER) [Voice Over]: Talent should be NY Local hires to record in NY Studio. Happy to also hear out-of-towners who have....
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JUDGE NO BOOK (NY Release) [Feature Film]: Storyline: Born into an Italian American life on the streets of Brooklyn New York, Chris is a....
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WOODBRIDGE [Commercial]:
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FINANCIAL INVESTORS [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: Casting actors to portray HIGH NET WORTH INVESTORS with investable funds of 2 million +.....
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CHECKED OUT [Web/Internet]: Storyline: Comedy about two male convenience store employees, one is “WOKE” and the other is “
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DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS [Stage/Theater]: The Engeman Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal opportunity will be extended to all....
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THE SYMPATHIZER (Commandant) [Episodic]:
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WEB MD [Industrial]:
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FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA - SEASON 4 (BUSINESSMAN FOR VARIOUS EPISODES) [Mini Series]: Looking for strong actors, strong with authentic reactions, expressive but not over the top.....
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KINKY BOOTS (NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE) [Stage/Theater]: MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT Must have Northampton/British accents.
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HOME GOODS STORE (WEDDING REGISTRY ENGAGED COUPLES) (Updated Role) [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: REAL couples who are engaged and also live together. This is for real couples who....
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LOOPHOLE (JURORS BACKGROUND) [Short Film]: Storyline: LOOPHOLE is a film inspired by televised court cases and erotic thrillers of the 80s/90s....
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LOOPHOLE [Short Film]: Storyline: LOOPHOLE is a film inspired by televised court cases and erotic thrillers of the 80s/90s....
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Posted on: 09/28/22
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35-40 / Male / Caucasian
White Castle CEO. Grandson of White Castle's founder, E.W. 'Billy' Ingram. The third generation to run White Castle, he’s a humble, family man with solid Midwestern values and a keen sense of future trends in the fast food business. He has the revolutionary idea to sell frozen versions of their world famous sliders and sell them in grocery stores, leading to massive profits and wider brand recognition.

30-40 / Male / Caucasian
A salesman by trade, Rosefield is obsessed with giving customers the best. He’s more confident in his ability to sell than his ability to make food. But when he discovers a process to produce a modern form of peanut butter, he is steadfast in the belief that his product is the best there is. Unwilling to compromise he works to push his business and peanut butter into the national consciousness. And he won’t stop until he’s done it.

0-100 / Male / Caucasian
He’s an average Joe; a suburban father of 12 with a dream; a guy who’s been laughed at more than once in his life but remains determined to succeed. He has a secure – but mundane – job as a welder at a company where his father is majority owner. But he wants to make something. There’s a little bit of Walter Mitty in George, but when he locks into his grill ideas… it all becomes reality and he is inspired and focused.(Principal Non-Speaking role)

60-68 / Male / Caucasian
Canadian-born Kingsford is a renaissance man in the 1920s. He knows a little bit about a lot of things. He’s a timber cruiser, a real estate developer, and – thanks to his cousin by marriage, Henry Ford, he’s also an automobile executive. He’s a stand-up guy, eager to work, ready to help. One day, the biggest brand in briquettes will bear his name. He’s a community leader; a town was named after him.

20-24 / Male / Caucasian
He's a bit brash (at times too big for his britches), but full of out-of-the-box ideas. His uncle’s company means a lot to him, he’s proud of it, and he’s ready to fight for Oscar Mayer Company success. Since he’s a nephew, not a son… he tries harder and works with passion for the family name.

60-64 / Male / Caucasian
John Holmes has overseen vast expansion for Swift & Co. throughout his more than a decade tenure as President, but he’s a couple of from the Swift forced retirement age of , and he’s looking make his lasting mark. He started with Swift as a messenger in 1906, and in 1937, he became the first President of the company not be a Swift family member. Industrious and capable, his final play at the company is his passion project create a mass production turkey market, where none currently exists. His bold and ambitious vision will culminate in his legacy: Butterball Turkey.

40-48 / Female / Caucasian
A motivated, longtime Home Economist during an incredibly tumultuous 1970s at General Foods, Ruth Siems dedicates her life to her work. Through painstaking trial and error, she experiments with and discovers a breakthrough with the size of breadcrumbs that leads to the world’s first instant stuffing that can be made on the stovetop without being cooked inside of a turkey...Stove Top Stuffing.

48-53 / Male / Caucasian
“The Cranberry King,” Marcus Urann was a small town lawyer in Maine before he quits his day job buy a Cranberry bog in Massachusetts, where he spends the next 6 decades creating an industry and innovating within it repeatedly. He is an energetic and driven man with a small town New England work ethic who pioneers the cranberry log found on almost every Thanksgiving table. Cunning and ambitious, he’s not afraid of skirting the law do it. His company is known around the world today as Ocean Spray.

35-40 / Female / Caucasian
At the urging of Libby’s President, Edward McDougall, Dorothy Knight, a Home Economist turns an unremarkable company known for its canned meat into the biggest producer of canned pumpkin pie today. And to do it, she'll rethink the very pumpkin, finding a new strain that resembles nothing of what we think we're eating.

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