FOOD BRAND LIFESTYLE SHOOT [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: Food Brand showing people cooking and enjoying their food.
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Branded Content for Enfamil [Web/Internet]:
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MNP DISEASE AWARENESS (VOICE OVER) [Voice Over]: Talent should be NY Local hires to record in NY Studio. Happy to also hear out-of-towners who have....
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JUDGE NO BOOK (NY Release) [Feature Film]: Storyline: Born into an Italian American life on the streets of Brooklyn New York, Chris is a....
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WOODBRIDGE [Commercial]:
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FINANCIAL INVESTORS [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: Casting actors to portray HIGH NET WORTH INVESTORS with investable funds of 2 million +.....
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CHECKED OUT [Web/Internet]: Storyline: Comedy about two male convenience store employees, one is “WOKE” and the other is “
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DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS [Stage/Theater]: The Engeman Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Equal opportunity will be extended to all....
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THE SYMPATHIZER (Commandant) [Episodic]:
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WEB MD [Industrial]:
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FOOD THAT BUILT AMERICA - SEASON 4 (BUSINESSMAN FOR VARIOUS EPISODES) [Mini Series]: Looking for strong actors, strong with authentic reactions, expressive but not over the top.....
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KINKY BOOTS (NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE) [Stage/Theater]: MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT Must have Northampton/British accents.
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HOME GOODS STORE (WEDDING REGISTRY ENGAGED COUPLES) (Updated Role) [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: REAL couples who are engaged and also live together. This is for real couples who....
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LOOPHOLE (JURORS BACKGROUND) [Short Film]: Storyline: LOOPHOLE is a film inspired by televised court cases and erotic thrillers of the 80s/90s....
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LOOPHOLE [Short Film]: Storyline: LOOPHOLE is a film inspired by televised court cases and erotic thrillers of the 80s/90s....
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Posted on: 10/11/22
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35-50 / Female / Caucasian
Forewoman of the jury. Love interest of Ray. Energy inspired by Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. She is confident, seductive & mysterious. Knows how to command attention and to get what she wants. LEAD
* Intimacy: Embrace scene where Ray brings Lisa to the floor and begins to pull down her pantyhose (suggestive). Lisa then straddles Ray and opens his shirt before dripping hot wax on his chest.
*Violent situation: There is a scene where Ray pushes Lisa against a wall.

35-55 / Female / Caucasian
Key witness in the trial. Love interest of Lisa. Her look is inspired by 90’s corporate minimalism. She is truthful, factual & assertive. Determined to share her account of events even as the trial begins to weigh on her. CO-LEAD

30-40 / Male / Caucasian
Defendant in the trial. Very much a 90’s country-club type in look & style. His demeanor and cocky confidence suggests that he belongs to a powerful American family. Must be able to sing. CO-LEAD

35-50 / Female / Caucasian
Works on Ray’s legal defense team. She's a smart and skilled writer who is very diligent at her job. She always avoids eye contact and her big-eyed expression suggests an almost psychic or extraterrestrial energy. She oscillates between moments of sensuality and social awkwardness. SUPPORTING

30-40 / Female / Caucasian
Plaintiff in the trial. Anxious. Uneasy. Wants to be believed. Her face is mostly blurred for anonymity with an orb in front of it. SUPPORTING

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