HOME GOODS STORE [Photo Shoot]: Kids & Adults will be pretending they are a family doing holiday things like making holiday....
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WELL KNOWN HAIR COLOR BRAND SHOOT - WOMEN [Photo Shoot]: Storyline: Hair Color Story.
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UGC (Video) [Promo, Web/Internet]:
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WEBMD 375882.08: ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE [Industrial]: This is a one day shoot during the 1st or 2nd week of June. Travel and Hotel stay will be........
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GREAT KILLS 2 (14 Roles) [Episodic]: In Season 1 - three callus documentary filmmakers follow Thomas Lynch, a lonely small time hit man....
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In Studio Commercial Bakery shoot [Commercial, Web/Internet]: We will be photographing you as a Commercial pastry chef working in a bakery. You'll be....
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IMMEDIS [Industrial]: Shoot will be in New Haven. $50 to cover travel expenses. If coming from NYC on Metro North, you....
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studio photoshoot [Commercial]: Dress up in a bakery uniform for multiple shots. The images will go on their website.
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Corporate Video Shoot [Industrial]: You will be playing the role of a New Associate in a financial services firm. Proficiency with a....
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SHOPIFY [Voice Over]: Must have Source Connect.
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SHOPIFY FACES [Internet Project]: This will be a 3 day stop motion photo shoot, requiring the talent to be able to stand still a lot.
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OLMO (AA) [Feature Film]: Storyline: This story takes place in 1980's New Jersey. A Mexican American boy on the cusp of....
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JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (2ND NATIONAL TOUR 23/24) [Stage/Theater]: Specifically looking for outstanding singers who have an authentic feel, understanding &....
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INCIDENT AT OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP (Triple Role) [Stage/Theater]: All of the actors need to be very funny and believably "old school" Irish Catholic.....
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POLITICAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE SPOT (STATE OF NEW JERSEY) (ROLE #3 RE-RELEASE) [Commercial]: This is a :30 Republican Spot for New Jersey State Senatorial Candidate, John Bramnick (not Federal)
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Posted on: 04/13/23
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21-24 / Male / Caucasian
Tortured artist and tattooed heartthrob with deep emotional scars. He is the lead singer of the Suicide Disease. Humble beginnings growing up in a broken home in Mastic, Long Island. Son of a father he never knew and a mother he never knew sober. His brother, defeated by the pain of trigeminal neuralgia shot himself in their home bathroom. Jay suffers heavy bouts of depression–enough to isolate him from his friends and girlfriend. He pours his heart and soul into poems and songs about the death of his brother and starts to build a band with his childhood friend Juan all while meeting a new love, Jen, who tries daily to rebuild the broken boy. His voice sings his pain away, which is all he wants to do everyday. LEAD.
Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work. Lead singer of the band must have experience singing hard rock and punk.

21-24 / Male / Caucasian
Constantly cool, calm, and extremely organized, John is oozing in talent. He is the guitarist of the Suicide Disease. Raised by his father in Lindenhurst, John was only seven when they buried his mother after she lost a long battle with cancer. He picked up his father’s guitar and spent his adolescent years mastering the instrument and learning to record. After meeting Jen at one of his shows, she notices his talent and sets him up with her ex-boyfriend, Jay, knowing the two would be a force together. After the band is forced to go on a hiatus, John and Val become inseparable; to the point of nausea. LEAD
Talent MUST know how to play guitar with a band. Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work.

21-24 / Female / Hispanic
A hybrid of goth, punk, and hardcore. Cute and toxic–which are traits she picked up from her mother–Jen is highly opinionated and irritable. She is the social media influencer for the Suicide Disease. Born and raised in D.C. and now living in Long Island. She struggles to fit in with new friends after escaping a promiscuous past. She is never friendly to a stranger and is always pushy around a cute guy. An only child that grew up watching her mother collect boyfriends, Jen is now following in her footsteps as she collects tattoos and menial jobs. LEAD
Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work.

21-24 / Female / Caucasian
Italian woman. The quiet, complex photographer of the Suicide Disease. The daughter of a gangster who she has never spent time with outside of a visiting room, she picked up photography as a way to get out of her house and out of her head. Val photographed John in his earlier band and introduces him to Jay, which led to the making of the Suicide Disease, a band she takes full credit for forming. After a bad breakup with Jay, following a traumatic incident, she begins dating John, which becomes her happiness. LEAD
Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work.

21-24 / Male / Hispanic
Cuban. The intelligent, athletic, and overachieving bassist of the Suicide Disease. As an academic scholar and athletic kid his whole life, Menace was a baseball lover until his first hardcore show and trip in the pit. He is a self-taught bass player who lacks a bit in natural skill but makes up for it with his work ethic and undying persistence. Being the son of strict Cuban immigrants who think anything related to the music world is foolish, he feels as if he must achieve success in order to prove them wrong. LEAD
Talent MUST know how to play bass guitar with a band. Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work.

21-24 / Male / Asian
Filipino man. He is the life of the party, and is possibly gay. He was born in the Philippines and moved to the states when he was only ten years old. Juan quickly fit into the teen culture with his easy-going persona. Being the typical party guy, he is always down to drink, smoke, and cause trouble with anyone. Jay was the first kid to claim Juan as a friend and Juan never forgets their close bond. He admires Jay in a way that makes for jokes and even certain rumors. LEAD
Talent MUST know how to play the drums with a band. Talent will be needed for three (3) days of work.

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