TIN CHURCH - A NEW PLAY [Stage/Theater]: All should be strong Actors able to perform with a Southern dialect. This play will audition,....
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5 HOUR ENERGY [Voice Over]: Must have in-home professional recording studio. Talent must be able to professionally record....
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MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (MDD) [Industrial]: Storyline: WebMD specializes in creating true-to-life patient simulations for continuing medical....
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UNTITLED ELEMENT PICTURES PROJECT (ROLE OF CARLOS) [Feature Film]: Talent will be required to travel to the UK. Storyline: Teddy, a paranoid and bereft young man, is....
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HEAVY HITTERS (STILL SEEKING AND NEW ROLES) [TV Series]: This is a pilot for a 8 episode TV Series. Very important, this is a series about baseball....
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AMAZON - AN ADVERTISING "TAIL" [Commercial]: Storyline: A Dog Owner goes through their day (with their dog) supported by the many leisures....
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PLANETS (2024) [Feature Film]: Storyline: Centered around a local man's disappearance, PLANETS follows several intersecting....
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ANYTHING GOES [Stage/Theater]: ANYTHING GOES will be the inaugural production opening the brand new Moran Mainstage in Gulfshore....
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Shoot for Prom Brand [Photo Shoot]:
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THE SMASHING MACHINE [Feature Film]: Storyline: Set in the late 90s - early 2000s. Rising to fame through the little-known sport of....
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Spanish Speaking Host [Hosting]: A new digital media org focused on creating content for and by Latinos is looking for Latinx/Hispanx
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FIVE: THE PARODY MUSICAL [Stage/Theater]: A new, irreverent parody of SIX: THE MUSICAL, FIVE features three wives, one mistress, and a....
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ALIGN PROBIOTIC DIGESTIVE HEALTH [Ad Campaign]: Storyline: A woman sits with a friend at lunch. The friend is having issues with choosing something....
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Posted on: 05/23/23
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18-35 / Female / All Ethnicities
CURRENT HAIR: Medium brunette, light brunette, dark blonde/Straight, wavy or curly hair. Previous hair color done by professional at a salon ONLY – (**NO ONE with existing box dye in hair**). SERVICE TO BE PROVIDED: Willing to go deeper on the roots with gray silver at ends. Root shadow and balayage. This is a big change so only submit if you are willing to color to shades of gray. It will be a super cool gray done by the best professionals in the business. Example color attached.

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20-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
Any hair type. Dark or medium brunette currently with 25-75% gray 1 inch or 1 ½ inch of gray roots (see below for examples of gray we’re looking for). Previous haircolor done by professional at a salon ONLY – NO ONE WITH existing box dye in hair. WHAT SERVICE WILL BE PROVIDED: Gray coverage/root retouch, highlights.

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40-60 / Female / All Ethnicities
At least 70% gray over. Straight, wavy or curly hair. Previous hair color done by professional at a salon ONLY – NO ONE CURRENTLY WITH existing box dye in hair. WHAT SERVICE WILL BE PROVIDED: Wants to embrace existing grays but tone/neutralize and add condition. This will be a glossing service (no lightening needed) Not a big change at all. See final intention attached.

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